Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Which Program is Right for Me?

The Atkins Diet, The Grapefruit Diet, The Cookie Diet, Low Carb, High Impact, Low Impact...how do we choose?  With so many diets and exercise routines "proven" to work by one renowned fitness professional after the next, it can all get very confusing. How do you choose "your" perfect healthy living plan?

The answer could be a tricky one at best.  I read article after article by some of the most interesting and "in-shape" wellness gurus in the world today.  I know its not easy to determine who's right and who is just spouting the fad of the week.  What makes this diet or workout plan better than the other?  Ultimately, it's about your body and the way it responds.  Trial and error.  Our bodies need nutritious food and lots of water to remain healthy, but what they do not need is trans fat and other man made chemicals.  Common sense would dictate that eating a diet high in whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, water and getting at least 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week of exercise will keep you fit. However, some of us need more rigorous exercise to tone and shape our bodies.  Additionally, its never that easy to refrain from the "fun" foods like pizza, french fries and chips.

So let's start being realistic about getting in shape and how exactly that might happen for each of us.  First and foremost, talk to your Doctor.  How much weight do you need to lose?  Get some perspective on a real number. Discuss how you can be healthy and stay on the right track.  We can all benefit from the knowledge our medical professionals possess.  Discuss your options together.  Are you willing to dedicate time to your body and mind?  And finally, what does he or she suggest for you?  Should you talk to a fitness professional about your goal weight and how to achieve that number?  And never, ever take any dangerous supplements to speed up the process.  

Determining what program is right for you can be a frustrating process.  You can help by learning about your own body and how it responds to diet and exercise.  There is no cure all, but hard work, dedication and figuring out what works for you, can push you to your goal.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Healthper's January News-Motivation and Rejuvenation

Dear Healthper Members and Friends:

As we move into 2012, Healthper is poised to take some very exciting steps!  January is a month of renewal.  We here at Healthper feel the sense of motivation and rejuvenation that a new year brings.  What positive changes can we bring to your daily life?  How can we keep our members advancing in the quest for better health?  Below, we offer you an opportunity to learn more about our services, social networking and exciting product updates:

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As always, we love to hear from our members!  Log your daily activities at www.Healthper.com and let's get healthy together!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Making Plans and Completing Tasks

So many of us make plans that don't always come to fruition (this is no surprise). However, there are various ways to stop this cycle of non-commitment and start learning how to make a plan and follow through with it.

Most of us, if not all of us, practice this in our daily life with our work.  We come to work, we are assigned tasks, and we complete those tasks.  If we don't, this could mean that we fall behind and ultimately could end up losing our source of income.  You learn how to manage your daily responsibilities because you WANT to be successful.  We want to receive accolades for the work we produce.  Its almost a "need" to receive praise from our supervisor.  The same can be attributed to the achievements in our personal life.

Clearly, at times we put too much on our plates and end up losing sight.  A plan should be something that is measurable and attainable, for YOU.  Look at the variables in your life.  Allow yourself to ease into the new plan, but remember that you have set your sights on an outcome.  There is nothing more exhilarating than making it to the end of your "to-do" list.  In this case, your "to-do" list is about you and how to become more involved in your health and well being.  Additionally the well being of your family.

Here's an idea for today - Set up a goal at Healthper.com.  Give yourself no more than 14 days to complete this goal.  Make it something easy to start.  For example, try removing any sugar cereals from your kids (and your) diet and replace it with whole grain cereal with and/or low fat yogurt and fresh fruit.  Measure how your family feels in 2 weeks and Log it at www.healthper.com.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Stop Sabotaging Me!

Sometimes the one or (ones) we love are our biggest enemies in the fight against fat!  My Mother used to tell me that whenever she went on a diet, my Father would inevitably bring home her favorite type of chocolate dessert in an effort to derail her fitness plans.  Why you ask?  Because basic human behavior comes into play when our mate is about to start "looking better".  Now some of you may not agree with this assessment, but let's really think about it for a minute.  Be honest.  If you haven't exhibited this type of behavior before, you have wanted to. It's our need to keep things status quo.  But why not help our loved ones in their search for enriched living?  Can't we motivate one another to feel beautiful without feeling like we are getting left behind?  Why not join in on the healthy fun?

Start by evaluating what particular health factors you would like to change, and get on board! Join your loved one in the process.  Understand their needs and why they want to reach a certain goal or goals.  Don't sabotage their hard work by adding a negative to the mix.  Motivate. Encourage. Join.  Positive results can be obtained when we feel that we are being supported by those around us that love and care for us.  Don't order that pizza and eat it in front of them.  Offer an alternative, like cooking a healthy whole wheat pasta dinner together and making a fresh salad.  Forget the fried chicken and look for fun ways to "oven fry" your chicken and save hundreds of calories.  Your arteries will thank you!

Don't forget we all need support to get through "change".  It's never an easy road.  The more intentional roadblocks we encounter, the harder it is to see the light at the end of the path.

Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Year Means a New You?

It's the time again, when we all set out to make resolutions about losing weight, drinking less soda, alcohol, coffee, spending more time with family and friends, working less, saving more and so on and so on and so on....it never seems to end.  But what if this year, we actually stuck to those goals?  What if you really chose to make changes that were within your reach and could spark a new, improved and balanced you?

I, for one know that I could use a little tune up in a few departments.  I have been carrying around an extra 25 lbs for some time and made every excuse NOT to clean up my act.  My Mother has been sick for 2 years, I work too much, it's cold outside, it's hot outside, I'm too tired...and that's clearly what they are....excuses!  No amount of complaining will release my body of the extra 25 pounds of Doritos and pizza I shoved into it over the past 24 months.  What will you ask?  Exercise, disciple, water, tracking, motivation, moderation, and a clear GOAL!

Setting a goal and engaging daily in the outcome of that goal will help you, and I to make it to the finish line.  Is it a difficult road? YES! But with help, we can all get there.  Learning how to become a responsible partner in your health is what WILL make you successful.  Measure your progress by not only what you have learned, but by how you have changed your behavior.  Do not set yourself up for failure by creating unrealistic expectations that can never be met.  Rely on your social network at Healthper.com to give you tips, tricks and advice.  Let's make goals in 2012 we can stick to!