Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Why Count Calories?

Yes, counting calories is an annoyance.  We get it.  But, once this becomes routine, like anything else, you miss it if not continued.  That being do you get started with this practice?  And why is it important?

First and foremost, knowing what you put into your body is enormously important.  Often times, we just eat to eat, without ever really thinking about what we are consuming.  Many of us go to the gym, day after day and somehow believe this will "make up" for the calories we have consumed mindlessly....not true.  Then there are those people that rely on too few calories and hope that their body can exist on them without somehow feeling exhausted and working harder....again...untrue.  Our bodies need certain types of foods, vitamins and minerals and yes, calories to run efficiently.  While most of the world may be "on a diet" it is important to remember that a "diet" should be a way of life, not a New Year's resolution.

How can you become a master calorie counter?  Well, I would never say anyone is a master at this...but you can become a smarter consumer and learn more about your body and how it reacts to certain foods.  My Mom used to say..."A moment on the lips, forever on the hips"...I laughed, but for me, this is true.  Well, true for greasy food.  So what do I do?  I try as hard as I can as much as possible to cut out greasy, fried delicious, yummy :) food.  And I have!  I limit those french fries and brown gravy to once a month or less even.  I have stopped making Sunday pasta every week and now its every other...there are ways to become more cognizant...especially when you know how your body behaves.

Sites like ours, use biometric information to gauge how many calories your body needs to maintain a healthy weight or to lose those additional pounds.  As a guide, you can enter the foods you have eaten, and a general list will show you the potential calories (give or take as with all counters) that were consumed.  Keep this diary for an extended period of time to track your intake and I guarantee you will learn about your body and its needs.  Moreover, you will learn just how much you actually need to feel full and reach your goals!

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