Thursday, February 23, 2012

A New Way to Track Your Total Wellness

What if your life could be made easier?  These days, life is hectic...full of daily surprises...twists...turns and often, barricades in the road.  How do we function with just 24 hours in a day?  So many of us are trying to cope with life "in the fast lane" and at the same time, not get burnt out in the process. Is that realistic?  Can you move at the speed of light every day, all day and live a healthy, completely balanced life without fail or help?  I venture to say no.  We all need a little help and Healthper can do just that. has designed a total solution to help you maintain your well being.  Are you drinking enough water?  Getting enough sleep? Eating enough fruits and vegetables? Have you spoken with your Doctor about your risk of Diabetes?  Asthma? Are you overly stressed?  You can log your exercise, activities including yoga, running, walking, running, aerobics and so much more.  And in the process, you get rewarded and can gather deals along the way.  Best of all, Healthper is designed to be about community and sharing ideas with new friends and experts.  Members can express thoughts about health, wellness and their personal experiences and enjoy conversations with Health Helpers.

Come see what the buzz is about.

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