Friday, June 21, 2013

In the wake of the AMA changing obesity to a "disease" its time to start examining whether or not the connection between the diabetes epidemic and excess weight is the downfall of our healthy society.

How can we combat this trend that is spiraling out of control?  In a recent article posted by several New York city papers, the diabetes epidemic has hit a new high here in NYC.  We have seen over a 10% increase in the presence of diabetes related deaths since 1990, since is a double digit increase.  Based on the population, that accounts for 1 death every 90 minutes, or 16 deaths a day attributed to diabetes.  There are some interesting statistics that breakdown the numbers by race, by in my opinion that is unimportant at the moment.  What IS important is that we have to change the mindset of the average American.  This includes children, not just adults.  If you are old enough to know you want that bag of potato chips, you are old enough to know how that fatty treat can affect your body mass.

Here in NY, a campaign will be launched (via radio) that will encourage New Yorkers to exercise more, eat less fast foods and less sugary drinks.  How successful will this be?  This still remains to be seen.  A leading expert points to rising obesity and suggests that if these numbers continue to increase, so will the number of people with diabetes.

What can you do decrease your chances?  Let's start with the basics.  Cut out the sugar and excess carbs.  Increase your water intake.  Walk more.  Stop sitting still on the couch.  Eat less fried food.  Or stop eating fried foods altogether. Start tracking your activity.  Learn what behaviors are helping to change your outcomes. can help you do this.  Learn more today.

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